1. Client must register online in order to use the legal and consultancy services provided by Baku Consulting Group (hereinafter “Company”). 

2. The following information is required for registration: 

Full name, contact number, e-mail address of the Client. 

3. Upon registration Client receives to its e-post address the confirmation notice. Completing the confirmation notice the personal online cabinet shall be created. 

4. Through the personal cabinet the Client may choose the suggested service package, receive pdf file of the contract concluded with the Company on provision of legal and consultancy services, as well as, change its contact details and e-post address. 

5. Client has the option to choose the following service packages:

1 call  – 20 AZN  (validity period - 10 days)
3 calls – 50 AZN (validity period - 25 days)
5 calls – 90 AZN (validity period - 40 days)

6. Client obtains the chosen service package upon payment via the bank card. Card information shall in no case be retained or stored. 
7. Following the purchase of the service package Client is entitled to call for consultancy via the service phone number(s) of the Company. Client will receive information to its e-post address or mobile phone number about its remaining service balance and the validity period of the chosen service package. 
8. Every service package has its validity term which shall be deemed to be annulled upon its expiration. 
9. In case Client is not able to use the service package (due to technical problem at the system) it must inform the Company immediately. If the Company cannot overcome the issue within two working days, Client is entitled to request refund of the paid amount of the service package less the used part of the service package. Additionally, in case of force-majeure circumstances occurring beyond the will of the parties making use of services or its provision impossible according to mutual understanding of the parties, the paid amount of the chosen service package will be reimbursed to the Client, either fully or pro-rata to the used part of the service package. In all other cases the service package fee is non-refundable. 

10. Company warrants confidentiality of all information received/obtained from the Client relating to the provision of services.